There are terrible things happening to the earth, our lovely little blue point of hope in the vast black space of nothing.

Who is behind this campaign?

When Christian saw the images Caught in the oil he immediately had the idea to help. He is also the developer of two Mac applications which were both nominated for an Ars Design Award. He also wrote two Cocoa related books. You can contact Christian via email, ICQ and Twitter. But he didn't do the whole work alone. He had help:

- Tyler Spaeth (proofreading)
- Yannic Walter (design, follow @yannic on Twitter)
- Felix Lotze (proofreading)
- Andreas Del Galdo (developer)
- Fabian Kreiser (developer)
- Pierre Bernard (developer)
- Max Seelemann (developer)
- Tibor Andre (developer)
- Dan Wood (developer)
- Justin Williams (developer)
- Zac Cohan (developer)

How do we make sure that WWF receives your money?

Every developer that participates in this campaign has agreed to donate 100% of their revenue to the WWF of the application(s) currently featured on We try to be as transparent as possible by encouraging the participating developers to publish the receipt they get from WWF after donating. You can also donate via Flattr or PayPal. After the campaign, we will publish the results along with the receipt we get from WWF after we send the donations that came though these channels. Of course, you can also donate to WWF directly.